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Puppy's First Adventure

Manny & the Icemaker

Puppy's First Show


Puppy's First Adventure

It was the middle of the night and all was quiet. He reached up and looked out of the whelping box but didn't see anyone. He pulled and pulled as hard as he could and finally he was over the ledge and tumbling onto the other side.

He stood up and shook himself, then looked at the wonder in front of him. It was a big world and he could run free. He gathered himself and launched into a run until he stumbled over something soft.

But it wasn't one of his brothers or sisters. It was a treasure beyond belief and it was all his. He thrust his head into the fuzzy opening and felt the softness as he flipped it over his head. He chewed on it and loved the feel of it. His tail wagged furiously.

All of a sudden, he heard someone stirring, so he grabbed the fuzzy slipper and ran as hard as he could. But something swooped down on him and before he knew what was happening, he was back in the whelping box and his treasure was gone.

But that was okay, he knew how to get out now and it would be the first of many adventures.



Puppy's First Show

It was a long ride in the car and she was looking forward to getting out and stretching her legs. She jumped out and then stopped to look at the wonder of the scene around her.

There were a LOT of dogs and wait--that is her Dam and her first human Mom. She ran to them with her tail wagging furiously. It was so good to see them again. Then all of a sudden she was rolled over on the ground by another puppy. It was her litter sister. She picked herself up and promptly joined her sister in the rowdy behavior. She had missed playing with her littermates.

Then she settled down to watch the show. To her amazement, the handlers were pulling on the dogs’ legs and sticking their fingers in their mouths and touching the boy dogs in sensitive areas and then chasing them around the ring!

Soon the show was over and a handler came over and took her away from her Mom. She was a little uneasy about it, but it wasn’t too bad. And Mom was really happy when she finished, and told her what a good girl she was.

Things to remember from the show:
1. When a handler pulls on your legs, you have to stand very still
2. When a handler chases you, you have to run really fast or they will catch you and pull on your legs again
3. If the Judge gives you a piece of cloth, your humans get very excited



Manny & the Icemaker

There is a wondrous machine in the kitchen that gives frozen, crunchy treats. Each night after I eat my dinner, Mom goes in the kitchen and gets some for me.

Sometimes she is busy watching TV or working at the computer and it is agony waiting for those juicy treats. I would get them myself, but the machine won’t give them to me—it squirts me in the face with cold water whenever I try to push the button with my nose.

So I sit in front of Mom, intently staring at her face. Then I try staring intently at the machine. Sometimes the machine teases me and leaves a small piece of ice in the door.

After a minute, if that doesn’t work, I go and sit in front of the TV. That usually does the trick. But sometimes Mom looks past me and says “Down” in an irritated tone of voice. I hate to disobey, but I refuse. I know that if I lie down it will be a long time, and I’ve waited ALL DAY, and I just CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER.  Then I see Mom’s face soften and she looks me in the eye and gently tells me “Down” again.

VICTORY!!  I plop down and she says “What do you want?” I turn my head waiting for the magic words. Then she says it “Do you want some ice?” and I run excitedly to the kitchen. The amazing machine makes loud, clacking protests. But Mom is persistent and the machine eventually tosses out my favorite juicy, crunchy, frozen treats. I scarf them down and then it’s time to go pee on all the trees.

P.S. Mom sometimes tries to give me ice at dog shows. But it’s just not the same, so I spit it out. However, if dog shows had liver-flavored ice, I might make an exception.



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