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It was the middle of the night and all was quiet. He reached up and looked out of the whelping box but didn't see anyone. He pulled and pulled as hard as he could and finally he was over the ledge and tumbling onto the other side.

He stood up and shook himself, then looked at the wonder in front of him. It was a big world and he could run free. He gathered himself and launched into a run until he stumbled over something soft.

But it wasn't one of his brothers or sisters. It was a treasure beyond belief and it was all his. He thrust his head into the fuzzy opening and felt the softness as he flipped it over his head. He chewed on it and loved the feel of it. His tail wagged furiously.

All of a sudden, he heard someone stirring, so he grabbed the fuzzy slipper and ran as hard as he could. But something swooped down on him and before he knew what was happening, he was back in the whelping box and his treasure was gone.

But that was okay, he knew how to get out now and it would be the first of many adventures.


The Blue boy "Koa" is a very social puppy who loves adventure. His tail wags constantly in anticipation of new adventures.

Blue Boy 2 Weeks

Blue Boy 3 Weeks

Blue Boy 4 Weeks

Blue Boy 5 Weeks

Blue Boy 6 Weeks

Blue Boy 6 Weeks

Blue Boy 8 Weeks

Koa 10 Weeks


The Green Boy "Spy" got stuck with just his nose out when he was being born. He was crying wanting to get out of there. I took Moto into the emergency room and they could hear the puppy crying and they were looking around to see where the sound was coming from. I looked down at Moto and told them, "He wants to come out of there. That's why we're here."  Five minutes later after a lot of lubricant, we were on our way back home. "Spy" is a thinking dog who analyzes everything.

Green Boy 1 Week

Green Boy 3 Weeks

Green Boy 4 Weeks

Green Boy 5 Weeks

Green Boy 6 Weeks

Green Boy 8 Weeks

Green Boy 8 Weeks

Spy 10 Weeks


The Red girl "Kree" is an elegant puppy who loves to strut her stuff. In her first outing at a match at 8 weeks of age, she went out to the end of the lead with a handler and gaited beautifully for the crowd.

Red Girl 1 Week

Red Girl 2 Weeks


Red Girl 4 Weeks

Red Girl 5 Weeks

Red Girl 8 Weeks

Red Girl 8 Weeks

Kree 10 Weeks


The Yellow girl "Crystal" is a lap dog who loves to cuddle (and beat up her big brothers when no one is looking).

Yellow Girl 2 Weeks

Yellow Girl 3 Weeks

Yellow Girl 3 Weeks

Yellow Girl 4 Weeks

Yellow Girl 5 Weeks

Yellow Girl 6 Weeks

Yellow Girl 7 Weeks

Yellow Girl 8 Weeks

Yellow Girl 8 Weeks

Crystal & Spy (in back) 10 Weeks

Crystal 10 Weeks


The Pink girl "Dini" (short for Houdini) is a gazelle who is always happy and very proud of her exploits. She was going over jumps in the back yard at 4 weeks. In the words of her new owner "She can climb with the ease of a mountain goat and the grace of a ballerina."

Pink Girl 2 Weeks

Pink Girl 3 Weeks

Pink Girl 5 Weeks

Pink Girl 5 Weeks

Pink Girl 8 Weeks



SIRE:  CH Rohan's Glass Palace ROM "Pal"

SIRE:  AOE SEL GCH CH Karizma's Cyucas V Kaleef HT "Cy"

GCH CH Mariner's Akaya RN HSAs CGC "Moto" Moving
DAM:  GCH CH Mariner's Akaya RN HSAs CGC "Moto"


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